Property Sourcing
with Safe & Secure

Sourcing a Property

Safe & Secure Properties work with investors and landlords to help source the perfect property to add to their portfolio.

Let us find you a property to invest in…

Whether you’re looking to acquire you’re first investment property or looking to build your portfolio, Safe & Secure Properties are here to help.

Investors and landlords interested in purchasing property in Houghton Le Spring and the surrounding areas can take advantage of our extensive services at Safe & Secure Properties. We will discuss your investment objectives and provide you with a comprehensive service, whether you want to purchase your first buy-to-let property or build a large portfolio.

As an award-winning estate agent, our team are highly experienced in dealing with property purchases in the area. Our resources allow us to offer you the complete package when investing in property. Our skilled team will provide you with the information needed to support you throughout.

We collaborate with a wide range of professionals who can help you complete your purchase from the initial offer stage all the way through the final purchase. Safe & Secure Properties also offer Property Management services whereby we can help find a tenant and help maintain the property on your behalf.

Finding you the perfect buy-to-let

Safe & Secure Properties source properties in the Houghton Le Spring and surrounding areas. You can rely on our knowledge of the local area to find the perfect property for your portfolio. 

Safe & Secure Refurbishments

If the property requires a refurbishment before the tenant can move in, we have a team of contractors who provide quotes for any refurbishments before we offer the property to you as an investment. We understand that when buying any property, it is an absolute necessity to be made aware of any maintenance required before the purchase to ensure you are buying the right property for you.

How long does it typically take to complete the sale?

It goes without saying that there are certain factors that can speed up or delay the completion of a property purchase, but typically we would expect a straightforward transaction to complete within 6-10 weeks. We work closely with our trusted library of solicitors to ensure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible. 


Please click on the below property purchase values to see a realistic percentage return on investment (ROI).

Purchase Price



Purchase Price


Achievable rent £375pcm – £475pcm.

Possible returns of 7.25% – 9.75%

Purchase Price


Achievable rent £450pcm – £550pcm.

Possible returns of 6.75% – 8.25%

Purchase Price


Achievable rent £550pcm – £650pcm.

Possible returns of 6.60% – 7.80%

Purchase Price


Achievable rent £600pcm – £700pcm.

Possible returns of 6.35% – 7%

Purchase Price


Achievable rent £650pcm – £725pcm.

Possible returns of 5.60% – 6.20%