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Renting a Property

Renting a property has never been so simple.

Renting with us…

Move in costs are the first months rent and a bond (which will be refunded to you if you move out of the property depending on it’s condition).
Safe and Secure Properties provide a level of high standard properties to our tenants and ensure that we focus on carefully selecting the correct tenants for each property and in doing so, we aim to protect our clients investment whilst securing the financial well-being of the tenant.

As an agency that specialises within property management, we provide a service aimed at not only fulfilling the expectations of our landlords but also at providing a quality service to our tenants.

Essentially, we have two main responsibilities. Firstly, to advertise a property with the view to secure good quality tenants who will treat the property respectfully, and secondly, to collect the agreed sum of money (rent) from the tenant on the agreed date and ensure that this is then transferred to the landlord in a timely fashion.

We are, however, realistic and appreciate that despite our best efforts there are always occasions when people find themselves in unexpected financial difficulties. Our promise to tenants is that we will not sit back and allow this debt to spiral out of control. Our policy is to take a proactive approach aiming to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining our duty of care to both the landlord and yourself.


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